St. Mary Fundability Program

What is Fundability?

Fundability is a certificate program that allows you to raise money for St. Mary Church while doing your regular shopping. Take a look at the Order Form on the back. I'm sure you will find some of your favorite stores and restaurants listed there. Buying certificates for the stores and restaurants you already patronize helps raise funds for St. Mary Church.

You've got to eat. Your car needs gas. You've got to wear clothes. There's always something you need around the house. Fundability certificates work the same as cash. They work better than credit cards because you don't have to pay the interest rates or service charges or late fees! The certificates make great gifts.

How Does Fundability Work?

Before you go shopping or go out to eat, purchase certificates for those businesses and use them when you pay for your purchase. A percentage of your purchase is donated by the business to St. Mary Church. THE MONEY IS DONATED BY THE BUSINESSES.

  • You pay absolutely nothing extra for these certificates.
  • You only pay what you would have paid anyway.
  • The certificates work dollar for dollar, same as cash.

How Does This Help St. Mary Church?

If you shop at a participating business using Fundability certificates, that business returns a percentage of the amount you spend to St. Mary. You spend the money and shop at your favorite places. If you spend $100 per week on groceries, gas, miscellaneous shopping and entertainment, you could raise anywhere from $3.00 to more than $10.00 per week for St. Mary Church simply by using Fundability certificates. That could turn into $150 to $500 for St. Mary Church over the course of a year—all on money you would have spent anyway.

How Easy Is It?

If you've ever bought a gift card at a pharmacy checkout, you know how easy it is!

Fill out an order form and pay for your certificates by cash or check (exact amounts, please) at the Fundability table after one of the weekend Masses. Many certificates are available right away. Others have to be ordered, but are usually available the following weekend. (It's wise to order grocery certificates so that you can get what you need when you need it.)

pdfFundability Order Form

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